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Bad Trips - Slava Pastuk

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Having watched the show, Vice, I was curious to hear Slava's side of the story. His arrest was publicized, so I had an interest to know the details.
He sure didn't spare any. To the point, the middle of the book is a little boring. We didn't need every little detail I guess. Okay though.
It was very interesting to learn of the connection to El Chapo. Though I wasn't surprised since it was a Columbian drug cartel that he dealt with. 
As far as stories about true crime in the way of drug smuggling, this one is intriguing. Using the people and resources you have to be greedy, let's face it, that's always what it is. Greed.
Do I think he is sitting in jail after writing this a changed man? No. Doubtful. When he does get out who knows what will happen....


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So much more than just a sports romance, HARDBALL has the perfect blend of smart writing, kinky hot sex, and pure heart. I couldn't put it down. - Melanie Harlow, USA Today and #1 Amazon Bestselling Author  


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Vivian’s a pretty mild-mannered person. 

Even with a busload of hyperactive fourth graders going to a baseball signing, she’s patient and kind. 

Even when she meets Dash Wallace…major league legend and star of her hottest daydreams…she keeps her cool. 

Kind of. 


It was fine. 

Then his glove is missing and he accuses one of those fourth graders of being a thief. 

You do not come after one of Vivian’s kids. She will defend them to the death.. 

Dash suddenly finds himself with an apology on his lips and an unexplainable attraction to a woman who’s just not his type. 

But he keeps his cool. 

Kind of. 


It’s fine until the regular season, when he’s going to travel with the team. 

He has rituals. Processes. Routines. 

You could even call them superstitions. 

They involve having a woman in every city he plays, and Vivian’s going to have to be fine with that, or he’s going to be just fine leaving her. 

Kind of. 


Not fine. 

Vivian lays down the law, and Dash has to decide between her and winning.




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"Reckless Refuge is absolutely UNPUTDOWNABLE! Beautifully written. Flawlessly executed. An unforgettable 5-Star MUST READ!" - A.L. Jackson, New York Times Bestselling Author 


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There were shadows I was running from.  

Ones that haunted and taunted.  

Ones that made it so I had no choice but to disappear.  


I’d spent years hiding from the world.  

My little island haven, the only assurance of safety.  


It all changed the moment he showed up at my door.  

The hint of pain in his eyes told me that something haunted him, too.  

And I couldn’t help but be drawn closer.  


But finding the person I needed most came with risks I never expected.  

And when our ghosts find us again, neither of us may make it out this time. 


Judgement Call - E.B. Roshan


So when I agreed to read this novella, I had no idea it was book 5. I have to admit, as I started reading, I felt like I was missing something. It took off right away, and I felt a little lost. Reading the previous books probably makes a difference.
With that said, I did start to enjoy the story in the end of the book. It took a moment to understand what was happening. Having no backstory, I didn't understand why one guy was mad at the others. Or why he wanted to enact revenge so bad. I did learn it at the very end and was good with it.
Kiva is my favorite character, which is crazy since I disliked him for most of the story. I thought he was a little controlling at first but that died off when he did what he did. He became the hero.
I wish I had time to read the other stories because I feel like as a whole the series would be fantastic. I just started in the wrong spot.

The Quiche Of Death - M.C. Beaton

— feeling big smile
The Quiche of Death - M.C. Beaton
After reading a book so far ahead in the Hamish McBeth series and loving it, I decided to see what the author's books were really all about and find a series starter. I found a deal for this Agatha Raisin starter and decided to give it a try. Right from the get-go, it grabbed me. I love the spunk of Miss Raisin and just know she is going to be a character that sticks with me. And she certainly does!
I have to admit, it would have been a 5 star read had I not known from the start who the killer was. I had a niggling suspicion all along and when it turned out to be so I was slightly disappointed. Odd, but I didn't want to be right. The book would have ended a lot sooner though had it not played out the way it did.
I definitely need to continue this series! Agatha is a character made for me!

A Gift Of Joy And Hope - Pope Francis

— feeling angel


I am a Catholic, though not devout.
Still, when I had the opportunity to read Pope Francis' book I couldn't resist. He is the most encouraging and modern Pope. I looked forward to what would lay within these pages.
I also didn't know what I would get other than words of encouragement and inspiration to chase my faith. Which I got exactly that and yet I was still surprised. 
I guess there was a naïve part of me that hoped for more personal accounts to connect the motivations to his life. How can you teach without also learning?
It was a good read, but one I know most may not partake in. They should though. Even if you are not religious. It can help in times of woe, need and just a general pick-me-up.
This is definitely a great book when you need a spiritual awakening.
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She’s running for her life right into their arms. 


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Rachel Swift is a woman on the run. 


A stalker sent Rachel's world reeling. Now she's running for her life, and Bliss, CO, seems like the perfect place to hide. Bliss is a strange little town, filled with artists, nudists, and the occasional conspiracy nut. It's a good place to start over. 


Max and Rye are just the men to catch her. 


Horse trainer Max and Sheriff Rye gave up on their dream of finding one perfect woman to share long ago. Rachel walks in, and they're both in love and fighting their true natures. 


A town like no other…. 


When Rachel's past catches up with her, all of Bliss is in danger. Rachel knows she should run, but how can she leave behind the love she’s found with Max and Rye and the home she’s built in Bliss? With her whole town behind her, Rachel is ready to make her stand. It's time for her to get back in the saddle and ride. 


The Laguna Shores Research Club - Laura Kelly Robb

— feeling booklikes


I was really into this book and then the ending happened.
The ending was rushed. Like we went from the arrest at the crime scene to the courtroom in a flash, and I'm still wondering how it got there so fast. It came together, but I still wasn't a fan of that ending.
The ending didn't ruin the story though, no matter how rushed it was.
The rest of the book was intense, intriguing and a page-turner. You were invested in the story and needed the details.
Hopefully the next book has a better ending but I will definitely continue.

Evidence Of The Affair - Taylor Jenkins Reid

— feeling amazing


This was my first time reading a story of letters, and I loved it!
What a clever way to tell a story, and done so incredibly well. I believed in all of these people and the feelings they held. It really takes you on a roller coaster ride!
For such a small story it has a huge impact!
I definitely want to read more from this talented author, who this was also my first from her.
Big double thumbs up from me!


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He needs her to head right back where she came. But it looks like she’s headed straight for his heart. 


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What happens when a hellraiser turned hot cop is stuck with a headstrong heiress he’s determined to protect...and resist? 


A run-away bride, wearing a freakin’ tiara, and carrying a stolen lion cub, of all things. This was not how rowdy, bad-boy-turned-small-town-cop, Zander Landry expected his day to go. 

He really didn’t expect his night to end with her sleeping in his bed after her near-kidnapping. 

But his intense attraction to her and the feelings of protectiveness she stirs up? Oh, yeah, he knew those were coming. 


She’s stunning, whip-smart, and trouble with a capital T. 


Which means, he needs her to head right back the way she came. ASAP. 


His town is exactly the way he wants it . . . crazy and trouble free. 


Well, the crazy trouble he’s not related to anyway. 


Stranded in a tiny town in her half-million-dollar wedding gown with no money and no place to go . . . today is going pretty much exactly the way Caroline Holland expected it to. 


But the grumpy, tattooed, oh-my-god hot cop being the answer to all her problems isn’t at all what she expected. 


Now that she’s turned all the criminal (and obnoxious) info about her exotic-animal-dealing ex-fiance over to Zander, she can kick back in a hammock with some sweet tea and relax. 

Or not. 


Turns out Caroline’s not the spoiled heiress Zander thinks she is. The gorgeous hellion wants in on the action and soon discovers just how dirty things can get in the bayou. And the bedroom. 


More and more, Zander just wants her safe on the sidelines. But Caroline isn’t going anywhere until justice is done. 


It’s a clash of wills that’s gonna get hotter than a crawfish boil in July. And the most fun the Landry family has had watching sparks fly since . . . well, the last book. 

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood - Quentin Tarantino

— feeling booklikes


I have this movie on my Amazon watchlist but wanted to read the book first. I've not read any of the Tarantino books that have been made into movies yet and am a huge fan so I hope to not be disappointed.
For the most part, I wasn't.
This story is hard for me to review, to be honest. It was about this guy and his life in Hollywood. It wasn't anything more than that, but there were parts that were pretty cool. That wasn't why it gripped me though. It had an ease when reading that made you want to keep going, even if it wasn't the most exciting story on the planet. 
Will the movie be better? Maybe. This guy is a master filmmaker so maybe he can bring it to life in a way that my brain couldn't while reading. We will see, and I'll be sure to tell you all!

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Please Join Us - Catherine McKenzie

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I was pretty stoked to get a copy of this book. I have read most of her books now. Yup, I'm a fan, even if they were not all 5 star reads.
This book too me a moment to get into. It wasn't so easy to understand how it came about, but once the story got to a place where I was finally invested, it didn't stop. The twists of these women's lives and how they all got tangled up together turned out to be methodical and I devoured it. I could definitely sense what the author wanted the reader to feel in those moments. 
A decent book that I am sure most of you will enjoy! 


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"H. Hunting delivers what must be the most beautifully written, and certainly emotional New Adult books of the year.” - LJ Shen, USA Today bestselling author

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I don’t want you.
You mean nothing to me. 

I never loved you. 

I turned my words into swords.

And I cut her down. 

Shoved the blade in and watched her fall. 

I said I’d never hurt her, and I did. 

Years later, I’m faced with all the little lies, the untruths, the false realities, the damage I inflicted, when all I wanted was to indulge my obsession. 

Lavender Waters is the princess in the tower. Even her name is the thing fairy tales are made of. 

I used to be the one who saved her.
Over and over again. 

But I don’t want to save her anymore. 

I just want to pretend the lies are still the truth.

The Housekeeper - Joy Fielding

— feeling big smile


I read the synopsis of this one and had to read it!
I wasn't disappointed either, on the contrary!!
I was thrilled. I was duped, because at one point I was convinced I was right but nope. I was so happy with the outcome, it made the story even better than I had hoped.
Fast-paced, thrilling, all of the things you want in a suspenseful story. This is one that will be on my brain and recommended to many!!
There really is nothing like reading a twisted family tale!