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Sermon by Freda Mans

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Separate by Freda Mans

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Against All Odds - Chuck Norris

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Who wouldn't want to read about one of the best kick-butt actors of all time?!
The memoir did not disappoint. Whether you are a fan or not. You are familiar with his work. I was fascinated by some of the things that I didn't know about him, like his name is Carlos and not Chuck.
It was told in a great tone too. Chuck telling his story in a way that suited his Christianity also, which is appreciated. You have to respect a man who is not afraid to love God out loud, as Chuck does.
Great family too. Having children later in life, and his reasoning made sense to me. I almost chose to have later-life babies as well, but did not. I hope it's not a regret that I will one day garner deeply.
Good book though, as far as memoirs go.

Senior by Freda Mans

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Beautiful Scars - Tom Wilson

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A coworker lent me this book for two reasons. I read a lot of memoirs, and this guy is a Hamiltonian like us. We see him around the city, the studio he frequents is downtown where I live, so it was cool to learn more about him.
However, I liked him more before I read his story. 
So he has a crazy life story, from his birth story to his life as a musician. I just found him to be more arrogant and stuck up which I didn't previously think he was. I liked this cloudy version of a celebrity that I had with knowing so little about him. I just knew the guy that said hi as you passed the studio, not the person inside this book.
It didn't help when he told us about his parents, and his mom was racist. Being Native that hit me in a way I didn't want... you know it kind of put me off from wanting to connect to Tom and his story after that. I know he isn't racist, but just hearing how awful his mom could be made it tough to digest. Like he is Native and she didn't want him to know that. That's messed up!
There were things I really loved about his story though. His feelings on being a dad and how he is there for his kids no matter what. Plus this guy was a huge addict and is sober now. That is always something to respect and applaud.
Sometimes it is better to just be a fan, and not know so much about a person though. Not every story will better than whatever you create in your head.

Seer by Freda Mans

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Play Hide & Seek by Freda Mans

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Seduce (Poem by Freda Mans)

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Seasons (An original poem by Freda Mans)

The Rules of Magic - Alice Hoffman

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The Rules of Magic: A Novel - Alice Hoffman


I wish I liked this story more than I actually did.
I mean, when Hyland died I cried like it was a family member. I was devastated. I think I'm still devastated.
That was probably the best part of the story though. The rest was good, but slow-paced and not what I wanted.
After Practical Magic I just thought it would be more magical.
The talent in the writing based on that one part has me wanting to read more from the author. I know she is a good writer. Just maybe the hype around this one pumped it up so much that I expected more.

Still Game - Rumaan Alam

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This was my least favorite of the series.
I didn't like the style of writing.
I didn't like the story.
I didn't think it fit with the series at all.
No mystery, no suspense, no thrills, nothing.
Just words. Telling us of a vacation. Nothing special happened.
I'm bored.


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Included in this anthology are:
My Lucky #13 by Piper Rayne
Only One Kiss by Natasha Madison
Playing to Win by Stacey Lynn
Dirty Player by Mira Lyn Kelly
Wildcat by Rebecca Jenshak
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Catch Her In A Lie - Jess Lourey

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There were parts of this story that I really loved.
Then there were parts that fell so flat for me. 
Sadly, the parts that fell flat kind of mattered. 
So I loved the idea of a cop having these visions and knowing what bad guys were doing. I also love what she did with those visions, and the outcome of the whole thing. What I didn't like was how the author got us there. The middle of the story, where the plot is supposed to be thickest, was thin as paper. It was muddled and over before you knew it. As a fan of thriller/horror/suspense/mystery.... I wanted and expected more in that moment.
Still, I liked the story as a whole. It just was lacking details.


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Don’t go looking for the monsters in the shadows. 

They will find you. 


Her Vampire Hero, a spicy paranormal romance from bestselling author Nicolina Martin in the Midnight Doms Series is ZERO PENNIES for one day only! 




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Don’t go looking for the monsters in the shadows.

They will find you.

The young doctor in the ER thought she saved my life. I repaid her kindness by stealing her away from everything she knew.

I fought the devil in me, but I have lived too long, and am too lonely to deprive myself of her. She will be my perfect submissive. My pet. My true north.

Katarina Donovan was good and pure, and so, so human. And then she met me.

Note: Her Vampire Hero is a standalone romance by Nicolina Martin starring a dominant vampire and the human he comes to crave. It is part of the Midnight Doms series, a spinoff of Renee Rose and Lee Savino's bestselling Bad Boy Alpha series. The books in the series can be read in any order. 





Gaius doesn’t want mere pieces of me. He wants all of me. 


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Gaius Serrano is a mysterious figure in the world of wine. He’s arrogant. Darkly handsome.  


And—my instinct warns me—dangerous.  He’s the last person I want owning my family’s debt.  


Since my parents died, I’ve been responsible for my sibling's future and fortunes in the form of our family’s business. I’ll pay any price to get it back.  


But he doesn’t want my money. He wants to master my pleasure. One night for one share of the business. If I give myself to him, I can earn my business back piece by piece. 


I have no choice. I have to take the deal. I fall into his arms, into his bed. Into a world of passion that threatens to consume us both. 


Because Gaius doesn’t want mere pieces of me. He wants all of me. 


He’ll bring me to the edge over and over again until he breaks me.  


Until he makes me his. 





Belle Mer - Luanne Rice

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I feel like this story should have been longer. The ending was good but rushed. 
I still don't really get how we got from point A to B but okay.
I liked the story itself, as a whole. 
Out of the set, so far it was the weakest for me though.
But on the other hand, I liked it enough to want to read more from this author.