You, Me And The Colors of Life - Noa C. Walker

I didn't know what I was getting myself into with this one. I saw it for free on Amazon and just grabbed it based on the rating.
Man, I'm so glad that I did too.
I have to admit though, this book had me in tears. Like the ugly cry tears.
It's a story that hits you so hard in the feels that it hurts. You feel great connected and impacted by Janica. You know why so many love her. Heck, you love her.
The love story is so sweet. It's the kind of story where you're looking at your own husband wondering if he needs to take notes. Thomas is one heck of a gentleman and he loves Janica so much, and it shows.
A really great story. Not everyone will be able to handle the emotion that comes with it though. I feel like the author had to have drawn this up from some kind of real pain. It's just that vivid and deep.
Yup, a good book indeed.