Pretty Little Wife - Darby Kane

— feeling big smile


Oh, how I loved this story!
It was full of intrigue, suspense, thrills, chills and twists at every turn! It was  a complete mind-bender and I think someone should make it into a movie, STAT!
This woman, Lila, has a background story that matches the current one she has to deal with. Her whole life has been tainted by evil, in a sense. How she navigates through all of the nastiness is beyond me. But she is brilliant!
Ginny, the cop that is hot on her tail, wants to stick it to Lila so bad. She knows she has done soemthing foul, but can't prove it. 
For a debut novel, I am singing the praises.... LALALALALALA! This is one of the best debuts I have ever read! You would think the author was putting out books for the last decade, but nope!
I'm just blown away and honestly, can't wait to read more from Miss Darby Kane. I hope you all will check this book out too!