365 Days Of Happiness - Jacqueline Pirtle

— feeling happy
Every year I read a daily book of some kind, usually a Joyce Meyer read about being a better person. This year I chose happiness!
Each day, you read through a vignette of sorts. It helps you to see everything in a more positive light. It leaves you with some thought-provoking ideas each day to try to implement into your life. 
I have been trying to be more optimistic and I feel like this book will help me.  I may even check out the authors' podcast at some point too, and suggest that any of you do the same. 
I do feel like the podcast will probably be more in depth than the book. The book is literally a page a day. That's not much time to have a real impact, but it's a start.
What more could any of us want in this life than to be happy?!
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