Legion by Julie Kagawa

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Legion (Talon Saga, Book 4) - Caitlin   Davies, Julie Kagawa

I was able to listen to this audiobook for free so I jumped at the chance. I really enjoyed the series that I had read so far and wanted to continue. Ember is still badass and one of my favorite characters that Julie Kagawa has come up with. She is smart and strong, and a dragon!!! Too bad she is literally born for someone else's gain. I was surprised by my interest in other characters that I may not have appreciated as much in the previous books. They were supposed to be the bad guys, but you learn not all is what it seems. I'm so glad the book took the turn it did. I faded in and out while listening, but I captured enough to want to read Inferno next! Fans of this series will really love the action in this book!




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