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Against All Odds - Irene Hannon

— feeling bloody


This has been on my Kindle since 2011, so now is the time to get it read.
I'm so glad that I did too, but now I have another series that I need to finish! BAH! Small price to pay. 
This is an intriguing story about a woman who gets abducted and basically falls for her protector. The romance part is very subtle and clean. It is a story more focused on the plot and intrigue. I really liked this one a lot.
Definitely need the next book in the series now.

What The Dead Know - Nghi Vo

— feeling ghost


I'm not usually a fan of ghost stories or mystics and psychics, but this one was neat. It had this magic element that made it quite interesting. I got a real sense of what the author writes like as well, and being my introduction to her it left me wanting to read more.



The Six Deaths Of The Saint - Alix E. Harrow

— feeling amazing
The cover of this one draws me right in. I get a Joan Of Arc feel from it. And my feeling wasn't that far off. This girl is a warrior, a magical warrior. She gets used to dominate the kingdom and the action is one thing, but the writing of the story is another! This is by far my favorite of the series so far, and mostly for the writing. This author really knows how to tell a story and keep the reading rapt throughout. I can't wait to read more from Alix E. Harrow. Brilliant!!

Persephone - Lev Grossman

— feeling crazy rabbit


This is an author that I have wanted to read his book, The Magicians, for some time.... well, this came up first so here we go!
I'm not sure how to feel about this one. I liked the way the author wrote. It was easy to read, and I wanted to know whatever I could about Persephone. The ending was rushed through though.
We do get the answers that were being sought after. So there's that, but maybe Persephone did not get the answers. It was unique in that way to tell a story, but I liked that. That ending though... le sigh.

The Garden - Tomi Champion-Adeyemi

— feeling booklikes
My introduction to this author, and not my last.
Generally, I am not a fan of books that are written in prose. This one was different for me though. I loved so many of the poems, and they also told the story of Leina and her journey.
It was a magical journey of self-discovery that really appealed to me. It also left me wanting more.
That's the thing with short stories. Their short but usually sweet.

Gigi Listening - Chantel Guertin

— feeling big smile


I've had a good stroke of luck reading this author and her books, so when I saw this one on NetGalley, I jumped at a chance to read it. I didn't even read the description because I knew it would be a romcom of sorts. I was okay with that.
This book lived up to everything I could hope for and more! 
At first, I was annoyed by Gigi. She seemed desperate and obsessive. Not a likable character at all. The Taj happened. This woman became interesting. The story became interesting. Oh boy how I wanted Taj and Gigi to get together and make babies.
Still at the end of the book I am hoping for the same thing....
Great story.
All of you romance lovers, or fans of Chantel Guertin's are gonna love this one! With a capitol L.


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My boyfriend is getting married.

Okay, technically he’s my ex-boyfriend. Two months ago he decided he wanted a break. I still thought he was my happily ever after.

On any other day, knowing he was gone for good would be the worst thing that could possibly happen. But not today. Because not only is my boyfriend getting married—his bride is my best friend.

And they’ve sent me an invitation.

There’s no way I’m going to attend. I don’t care if it’s in beautiful Scotland. Nothing and no one could convince me.

Not even when a deliciously handsome stranger tells me he needs to go as my plus one.

Not even when he shoots me a wickedly, sexy smile.

But then he offers me the opportunity of a lifetime—a dream come true. How can I say no? I have one condition. He has to be my new boyfriend. I mean, my pretend new boyfriend.

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Aru Shah And The End Of Time - Roshani Chokshi

— feeling booklikes


I've had this on my list for so long it was looking a little silly. Then Amazon had it for Prime members and I felt lucky to be finally able to read it and take it off my list.
I didn't really know what to expect. I knew it was an adventurous story, but that was the extent of it really. It definitely lived up to the adventure part too! With Gods and battles and quests.... the whole bit.
This was my introduction to Indian folklore. I knew of some of the Gods, such as Shiva, but that was pretty much it. I had no idea the rich lore and history India has. So that was pretty interesting to me. Some of the terms or names were hard to enunciate but I got through it. 
It was a good middle grade story. It didn't blow my socks off though. I can't put my finger on exactly why, but it was probably because I felt so green with the ideology behind it. So this became an intro into the mythology and not so much intensity and excitement. Maybe the second book will do that for me now that I know more about the culture.




Resting Scrooge Face - Meghan Quinn


Nothing like a holiday read to get you in the spirit!!
This was short and sweet!!
I loved the pen pal idea with the cute names. It reminded me of Lily & Dash, which was a sweet YA read and tv show on Netflix. This was the same idea but a reconnection of lovers that were always meant to be, and nothing is sweeter than that.
I am looking forward to reading more from this author too. I felt like her ease in writing made me want more.

Christmas Cocktails - Monica Mason

— feeling big smile

I love me some cocktails so this book is a perfect fit, no matter the season.
This was a great little book with some alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks in it. I decided to make a Chocolate Martini, although I had no Hershey's Kiss to throw in the glass and my martini glass is still packed after 6 years of living here.... don't judge.
It is strong but delicious and I can't wait to try a few more this Christmas.
Definitely a great cocktail book for the holidays!

You, Me And The Colors of Life - Noa C. Walker

I didn't know what I was getting myself into with this one. I saw it for free on Amazon and just grabbed it based on the rating.
Man, I'm so glad that I did too.
I have to admit though, this book had me in tears. Like the ugly cry tears.
It's a story that hits you so hard in the feels that it hurts. You feel great connected and impacted by Janica. You know why so many love her. Heck, you love her.
The love story is so sweet. It's the kind of story where you're looking at your own husband wondering if he needs to take notes. Thomas is one heck of a gentleman and he loves Janica so much, and it shows.
A really great story. Not everyone will be able to handle the emotion that comes with it though. I feel like the author had to have drawn this up from some kind of real pain. It's just that vivid and deep.
Yup, a good book indeed.



Ornaments by Freda Mans

Santa's Sleigh

— feeling big smile

Elf by Freda Mans

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Verity - Colleen Hoover

— feeling big smile


I feel like everyone has read CoHo but me, so I found one and sat to read. Now I get what all the hype was about. If you haven't read anything by this author before, I suggest this book as a wicked place to start. I hope all of her books are this good.
I like a twisted story, and this was exactly that! Oh, but it was so much more too!
You hate Verity for most of the story. 
Then you end up feeling like you should be worried for Lowen.
Who did what?! Why?! You think you know but do you really.
And usually in books such as these the ending gets rushed and lost but nope. The author weaved it all together perfectly and you wanted another story where you knew one would fit. With Lowen.
In my mind, this could totally be a series. I'm assuming the author is done though. My mind isn't!!!
I can't wait to devour more from this author!

Serpent by Freda Mans

— feeling big smile